Monday, March 19, 2012

A blindfolded society

I have to admit it.  I am tired of people demanding the Church "open her eyes" and get with modern ideas and change so as not to offend anyone.  Maybe the Church is not the one who has her eyes shut or is out of focus.  I would say that the Church is the one with clear vision.

Quickly opponents will remind me of all sorts of murky times in Church history and the present age.  I say yes, corruption occurs like a splinter in the eye causing much pain, a lot of tears, and a need to wash away the offending particle.

Instead of the Church being "blind" to reality, maybe it is society that has been "blindfolded" by easy non-realities.  Take the very pervasive current media and political focus on the topics of contraception and same sex marriages.  I simply ask four questions:  Is fertility really a disease?  Is it really the best health care to chemically alter a female body for years and years?  Is the traditional family unit really not the best environment for a child?  Is the procreative ability of a same sex union really the same as a traditional union?

Opponents will provide me with horrible scenerios of abuse, neglect, and discord to attempt to justify their view.  Then they will demand that the Church open her eyes, abandon her ideals, and get with it.  Why, I ask, does the Church need to abandon it's thought out views right now?  Since the demands are being made, I too demand that those who ask this of the Church take the time to really learn the reasons the Church says what she says, to pray and reflect on what is really being said, and to think of their opponents perspective.

Thankfully the vision of the Church has remained focused as it has for over 2000 years.  Even though I am tired at this moment, I must remind myself that the Church I love still is unchangingly gazing ahead with her eyes on the promises of Christ.        -joze

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